Cycling From Australia all the way back home to Germany - on an electric cargo Bike

You know how the first few weeks feel with a new partner - everything’s awesome and exciting and you’re absolutely certain it will go well forever. That’s exactly how I felt when I first met her: this new idea. I was in love and my head was making up all these beautiful visions of our glorious future together. How we will ride together on long, empty and endless roads, how we will explore different cultures, how we will take care of each and become a dream team. I proposed her two days later. And as she’s a lady of class, there wants to be a proper wedding - which would make me bankrupt. But my love is so strong and my heart so committed, that I came up with a brilliant idea. What if my friends and family showed their support and contributed to this cause financially? What if I offer beautiful rewards in return, that will change their lives?