Part 4: Alice Springs to Darwin

Relocation car from Alice Springs to Darwin, NT - 1.600km

Car Camping Deluxe

Day 29: Alice Springs - 0km
I had a good nights’s sleep in the air conditioned room of Alice’s Secret Backerpacker Inn and got up early with the sun. Before I even could make myself a coffee I received a call from my Bruderherz :) But right after I got my free coffee + Ovomaltine mix. Fully caffeinated I pulled out the mat, computer and had a 75min Rod Stryker Yoga class on YogaGlo. How good it feels to be guided and practice properly <3 2nd dose of coffee, breakfast and a trip to town with David (where we had another coffee xD). Some computer work wanted to be done in the afternoon, and that’s also when I came across a sweet relocation car deal from Alice to Darwin. Thanks again David, for mentioning this possibility! Who knows, I might still sit at the side of the road in Alice today… Then I met someone decently famous in my room. Then I had dinner with the Dutch crew, Adva and David. They shared wraps and wine and the evening ended with a friendly and happy goodbye to David, a new good friend. That’s why I love travelling: You meet so many cool people :)

Day 30: Alice Springs - 0km
Today Adva (a Israeli girl my age) and I went to pick up the relocation car together. We want to share the experience and expenses of the trip up to Darwin. Sharing the expenses was a little bit an issue in the beginning, because I didn’t have enough money to pay for the whole thing (incl. 1000$ bondage) upfront, so Adva had to trust this random bearded crazy German. Once we got the car we were trying to figure out how to put my bike in/on the car. Not everything would fit inside, so I strapped the box on the roof with just a rope. Everything kind of happened in a rush, because we wanted to join the Dutchies for a swimming and Wallaby watching trip. The trip was loud, sugary, refreshing, fun, wet and tiring. Originally Adva and I wanted to leave town that evening, but after we finished the grocery shop and returned to the hostel it was already dark. Plus Seb, the hostel owner, was waiting for us to offer 2 free beds and we gladly accepted. I cooked “Pfannenkuchen” (in betwenn crepe and pancake) for everyone, played little guitar and video chatted with Flo, before I went to bed late, tired and exhausted.

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Day 31: Alice Springs to Attack Creek - 580km
After a massive and sugar loaded breakfast I focused on packing everything and received great support from Tom, a traveling Diesel mechanic. He’s well set up and helped out with some proper tie downs to fix the box on the roof properly. I’m so glad we stayed another night! Later morning we finally were ready to go. Excited about the trip Adva and I started to get more familiar with each other (What music to you like? What should we have for dinner?…) and talked lots about family, traveling, relationships and just life. Every now and again we had to stop, because the radio would only allow to connect via Bluetooth when not moving - kind of annoying, but so safe! On our way we checked out Devils Marbles, huge red round rocks stacked on top of each other, so fun to jump around on :) Shortly after we reached Attack Creek Rest area and set up the Jeep under a Eucalyptus tree, hoping to have less mosquitos who usually don’t like the Eucalyptus oil. Inside the vehicle it was just HOT! So steaming hot that we had a hard time to sleep. And the sleep itself was funny, because I faded in and out of my dreams. Kind of liked it.

Day 32: Attack Creek to Secret Spot past Katherine - 625km
The sun woke us up and I had an amazing view from the top bed, out of the windows all around into the Savanna like scenery. I felt like waking up in the middle of an African Safari, such an epic moment. Both of us didn’t sleep very well, so we were tired. Adva wanted music, I wanted silence. So we had 30mins of silence, before playing music. Stopped for breakfast after 1,5hrs and again for lunch in Elliot. One of my hobbies nowadays is eating leftovers and getting things for free. So I was quite excited to grab a half full plate with fries and salad and super happy to not only get permission to have free instant coffee, but on top of that a “faulty” cup of nice coffee brought by the super nice cashier :) Stefan’s happy. Quick FREE shower and off we go again. Now super bubbly we were looking forward to a dip in the thermal springs around Mataranka. The water was crystal clear and apparently crocodile free. Unfortunately Adva wasn’t 100% sure about that and couldn’t quite shake off her nervousness. To be fairly honest, I was shocked when I hit something with my foot, feeling a nice adrenaline rush from kicking a tree root. After a short stop in Katherine for Wifi we pulled over in a spot just off the Highway to set up camp. The flies and bugs were terrorising us, so as a last resort we light a tiny fire to get some protective smoke around us. Right after dinner we went inside, played cards and tried to sleep in the heat, this time I was at the bottom. In the middle of the night a thunderstorm approached, but didn’t reach us. Another night with bad sleep…

Day 33: Katherine to Darwin via Litchfield Parks - 395kms
We got up late at 8am, it’s overcast and I felt really weak and tired. The flies attacked us immediately after leaving the car, so we packed up quickly and left this unsuitable spot. Breakfast was had in Pine Creek, LO (LeftOver) style omelette. On the way to Litchfield National Park I attacked Adva with how serious climate change is and that we have change now! I caught myself being too pushy, which is not a good way to reach people, and apologised. In the Parks we checked out the amazing Termite Mounds and two stunning waterfalls. So refreshing to swim in them and climb around - not much to the liking of the ranger… Meditating directly under a waterfall was really special and a blissful experience :) We reached out to potential Couchsurfing hosts and made our way towards Darwin on a nice wide gravel rode, drove through a massive storm and reached Hampty Doo. Grocery shop complete, no host yet, so I tried WarmShowers again and was lucky to be invited by Fiona. Half an hour later we reach our destination. We’re welcome warmly with a spare room, some leftover pasta, beer and good chats. Grateful to have a free and good place to stay and happy to have made it to my final destination in Australia. Hello Darwin.

So far I’ve travelled 3.975km through Australia
1.150km (29%) riding on the bike
1.225km (31%) hitchhiking
1.600km (40%) driving a basically free rental car

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