Part 2: Adelaide

Day 10: Hahndorf 0km
A day to restore my body, fill it with coffee and work on the computer. Loved hanging out with Rose and friends and enjoyed being an inspiration

Day 11: Hahndorf - Adelaide 40km
After another coffee at Kitchen 2C it was time for a sweet goodbye with pastry, Rose and Chloe. My way led me off the path through the stunning landscape of the Adelaide Hills. Loved the Adrenalin rush on downhill and marking a new speed record with 61km/h! Rolled into town on Green Hill Road and noticed my front tyre was ripped which shortly after blew up. So I pushed it to the next bike shop (2km), got new equipment to replace it. I tried finding a place to stay, but now luck. Spent some time at the beach and grabbed some pasta at ADLI before finding a place to camp. Loneliness rose to the surface

Day 12: Adelaide After packing my gear and having breakfast I headed to the city for Fair Espresso. Happy with the work I got done I found a nice place to cook the other half of the pasta for lunch and tried to contact more potential hosts on WarmShowers. YES! SirIan welcomed me after work and took me along to his friend Ellen for dinner. Really enjoyed great company and food.

Day 13-17: Adelaide Ian continued hosting me while I tried to organise a ride to Darwin, spare tyres and some prints. During this week I was grateful for the good meals we had and the time to recover. Also I managed to draw the supporter tree on the box and to pick up some more rubbish. Of course, there was no shortage of coffee and pastry. While I didn't fall in love with someone on Tinder, I absolutely did with the book "Momo" from Michael Ende. Worth reading!

Next step: Making my way to Port Augusta, the last populated place before the long and lonely road up to Darwin. Hope to be more lucky finding a ride there.

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