Part 1: Melbourne to Adelaide

Melbourne to Hahndorf - 777km

Day 1: Melbourne to Kyneton - 108km
I left my temporary home and generous hosts, friends and supporters Sheldon and Eleanor from Green Street to cycle to Kyneton, where Greg and Heather (Sheldon's parents) have their future country home. The first day turned out to be a real challenge for several reasons: late start, slow leak, flat battery at the end and cycling in the dark.

Day 2-4: Walnut Farm Kyneton - 0km
Recovering from the first day's exhaustion I spent a few days with the Walters, helped with painting work, optimised the bike together with Greg and enjoyed family time for Cup Day, a special occasion in Victoria.

Day 5: Kyneton to St. Arnaud - 150km
A long day with lots of leg work. Unfortunately the MTB shoes where to small, so I had to pedal in my hiking boots. I stopped for coffee, chickpea brownie and a recharge Rupanyup Living, Home and Giftwares.

Day 6: St. Arnaud to Dimboola - 143km
"AAAAAH, F**K off damn wind!" When it comes to the forces that resist my movement, wind is one of the most impactful ones. Soooo annoying! Stopped in Horsham to get some flat pedals which made my knees very happy. They suffered big time on the click pedals. Kenn pointed out, that the solar panels won't make up the energy that was needed to produce them, which gave me reason to think again. Pam shared my view on every individuals responsibility for making a change. Good nights rest under a tree along the River.

Day 7: Dimboola to Pine Hill Rd, SA - 114km
In the morning I stopped in Nhill to get some free coffee. I played the Mini Akkordeon for Sri and got a lovely Flat White. Passing through Kaniva I felt exchausted and was looking forward to a nice lunch at Heartfelt and sat down with Robin and Holly, two locals. Robin soon offered a mattress for the night and Holly, The Little Masseuse took care of my back. Heaven! :) I loved this day of winding down a little, nourishing my body and mind.

Day 8: Pine Hill Rd to Tailem Bend - 190km
The biggest day so far. Determined to make good distance today I used the perfect conditions (no wind, graduate downslope, lots of sun, tail wind in the evening). I kept myself going with carbs carbs and carbs. 10 slices of toast with almond butter, chocolate fudge and pizza for dinner were easily metabolised. I certainly reached my physical limit to this point and asked myself several times during this day: "Why are you doing this?" Because Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in this world."

Day 9: Tailem Bend to Hahndorf - 72km
The Adelaide Hills challenged me and the bike. Had to adjust the back wheel, because the chain kept coming off and I asked to much of my steel horse so it overheated. We managed to make it to the German style village and I enjoyed a nice Power Salad Bowl, a nap in the park, beautiful croissant milk pudding dessert with coffee at Kitchen 2C and made friends with Rose, the lovely staff. She offered me to put up my tent in their backyard and gave me access to the Wifi so I could do some work. Blissfully happy and grateful I took her out for dinner and we had great conversations (and a dark wheat beer!). Feeling the magic again :)

Next step is to make the expensive train ticket from Adelaide to Darwin happen. I either need to get the train companies sympathy for a free/discounted ticket, or some well paid work to make enough money. Alternatively I will keep my senses open to any (alternative) opportunity to make my way to Thailand in time, because I want to meet my Mum and Brother in Krabi for Christmas. Step by step I'm working on making it happen. Everything's possible, if you truely believe in it!

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