I'm in the right place,
at the right time,
meeting the right people,
for the betterment of all beings.


I was raised freely amongst cows, bread and beer on the Bavarian countryside in Southern Germany. After two unsuccessful studies at Uni and a bit of travelling I held on to a carpentry apprenticeship which I finished successfully in 2016. Inspired by the Journeymen years (“Wanderjahre”) I decided to leave my home for at least 3 years and 1 day in order to find different work, improve my skills, explore the world and myself. Since then I’ve been travelling the world and worked as a builder, mainly in Canada and New Zealand. In these places I had the chance to become a part of local communities, make friends with wonderful people and got inspired to follow my personal path into a desirable future. Sustainable I want it to be, natural and green. On my way back home, I thought and told everyone, “I will not fly!” I want to travel carbon-friendly and slow.

In September 2018, two years into my journey, I found myself on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, working for a bicycle shop and got to ride an electric Cargo Bike. This inspired me to start an adventure to raise awareness for the environment. In Australia I designed together with my dear friend Sheldon a SOLAR POWERED ELECTRIC CARGO BIKE! With this vehicle I cycled over 1.200kms from Melbourne to Port Augusta and managed to get all the way to Darwin. From there I left it behind, because I didn’t allow me to travel as freely as I wish to. It is being shipped back home to Germany at the moment.

Nowadays I hitchhike from Malaysia back home to Germany. In Nepal I volunteered with Consicous Impact again this May 2019. Conscious Impact is Non-Profit Organisation that support local villages around Takure with compassion, knowledge, opportunities and longterm connection. My next leg takes me to Indias North West. There I will take my first Vipassana retreat - a 10 day meditation course in noble silence amidst the Himalayan Mountains.